Founded in 1975, SED is an equally shared company between Saudi Arabian and Egyptian governments focused on real estate investment in Egypt. The company is driven by a mission to purchase and sell strategic land plots after their preparation and construction of buildings in accordance with breakthrough strategies and an innovative vision approved by its board of
directors. Boasting over 45 landmark project across Egypt, spanning luxurious apartments and towers, SED is renowned for their unparalleled quality and success including Riyadh project in New Cairo, Bleu Vert in New Capital and Nile Towers in maadi..


Sawary is the innovative brainchild of NUCA and SED. Established in 1979 in affiliation with the Ministry of Housing, New Urban Communities Authority is a nation-wide urban planner, aiming at shifting living away from the capital’s extending axis into new suburbs to create more enriching possibilities for living. Owning the country’s largest land bank, NUCA is responsible for the creation of numerous iconic residential, housing and industrial projects, in addition to solid infrastructure development and valuable investment affiliations.

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